MFA currently offers customized strategies to meet the diverse investment objectives of our clients. Our goal is to tailor our strategies to your unique investment needs. Some benefits to working with us include:



It’s not how much you make, but how much you keep…

While many firms promote their gross returns, we focus on your net returns. Net of taxes, net of trading costs, and net of our own management fees.

  • Management Fees: Our management fees range from .55% to .95% per year, based on the value of your portfolio. This is our only compensation and we do not receive commissions or have any type of fee-sharing agreements. We put our clients’ first, align our goals with theirs, and protect against conflicts-of-interest.
  • Tax-Efficiency: Taxes are most investors’ largest expense. MFA originated from Morling & Company, a tax and accounting firm, so tax-efficiency is in our DNA. We are tax-sensitive when selecting investment vehicles and managing portfolios.
  • Transactions Costs: All assets are custodied at Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade, both of whom offer free accounts with no- and low-cost trades for most assets. As the first- and third-largest asset custodians in the industry, they are able to leverage their size and economies of scale to deliver quality services and best execution at a nominal cost.
  • Hidden Costs: Furthermore, we are cost-conscious when it comes to selecting investments and always carefully evaluate the overall costs of holding each prospective position. We look at explicit costs (like underlying fees), implicit costs (related to volume, liquidity, and tracking error), and even opportunity costs.



MFA is an independent privately-owned firm. We are not affiliated with any other company and are not employed or compensated by anyone except our clients. Thus, our primary goals are to serve our client’s needs and build long-term relationships with them.
Being independent allow us to select investments that make the most sense for our clients. We do not have corporate mandates to use products that are proprietary (and often more expensive!). Our compensation does not vary from investment to investment: our flat-fee structure ensures that we will only do well when our clients do well.



Our team is large enough to offer a broad range of specialized expertise and small enough to provide exceptionally personalized service. The members of our investment committee have been investing for decades through a multitude of market cycles and economic conditions. We come from a diverse range of professionals through multiple lenses. MFA does not evaluate investments in isolation, but assesses their overall impact on your financial life.



As a client of MFA, you have a dedicated team of professionals watching your portfolio and the financial markets on a daily basis. We continually analyze global economic, business, and market data to identify potential and emerging risks that could threaten your assets. Furthermore, we are a local team that is personally here for you everyday. No 1-800 numbers or voice-dial phone menus; when you call, we are here for you, whether it is for a quick chat or to schedule a more involved meeting. We take responsibility and pride in our service.


Focused on Risk

Our primary focus is the management or risks, not the management of returns. We cannot predict the future or control the direction of the market, but we can decide how much risk our clients are exposed to. Whether investing defensively or opportunistically, MFA always weighs the potential risks and rewards. If we manage the risks right, the returns will take care of themselves.