We trace our roots back to 1981, when Peter Ling started Morling & Company, a tax and accounting firm. His mission was to maximize the financial well-being of anyone who entrusted him with their financial affairs.

Morling Financial Advisors is committed to the highest professional standards and subscribes to the "Best Practices" outlined by the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard:

Our History

Morling & Company built its business upon that philosophy and goal. During the late 1990s, many clients had financial situations that were becoming more complex. As a trusted advisor, Morling & Company was increasingly approached for financial advice that was unrelated to taxes or accounting. Morling Financial Advisors was borne out of those clients’ needs.

In 1999, Morling Financial Advisors (MFA) was founded in order to provide comprehensive financial planning and objective investment advice. Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) were brought onto the team to serve our client’s financial planning needs. We built our reputation by providing objective and independent advice. For those first few years, MFA provided investment advice to its clients, but left the actual portfolio management to third-party money managers. However, as the industry evolved, it became clear that we could better serve our clients by directly managing their investments. We could not have picked a more interesting time to begin managing portfolios than 2007, but the financial crisis that ensued allowed us to immediately demonstrate our value.

Today, we continue to offer both comprehensive financial planning and objective investment advice.